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Sun, Sep. 5th, 2010, 12:05 pm
Mostly just confirmation that I still exist.

Yesterday was pretty awesome. I spent pretty much the whole day communing with technology. It's the exact polar opposite of what I was supposed to be doing this weekend (camping, during which I leave all electronic devices of any sort in the car, which should be a minimum of a quarter mile away), which would also have been pretty awesome. But campsites are in short supply on Labor Day weekend, so instead I wound up camped out in my bedroom, roasting Chinese delivery over the heat of my CPU...

It was a very productive day. I wiped about half a dozen hard drives in preparation to pass them on to others who can still make use of them. I backed up all my data from my old Windows XP laptop and installed Linux Mint on it. (A couple of months ago I picked up a Windows 7 laptop. Windows 7 is really surprisingly good, and that's high praise coming from me. There's nothing I like more than to talk shit about M$, but credit where credit is due -- Windows 7 doesn't suck. In any case, that gave me the opportunity to put Linux onto the old laptop.) And I got five loads of laundry done, when I usually only do two in a week (and then not until Sunday). I am WELL ahead of schedule this weekend.

Today, I've been to breakfast with my dad, am about to spend a few hours prepping to run a D&D game, and then I'll go run the game itself. And tomorrow... I dunno what I'll do tomorrow, which is awesome in and of itself. :)