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Wed, Apr. 14th, 2010, 03:04 pm

Things I did in the past two days that kind of sucked:
1) Got less than four hours of sleep each night.
2) Spent a total of four hours (counting the hour yet to come this afternoon) in a crowded shuttle van with loose seats, poor suspension, and a rather poor driver.
3) Attended a two-day business conference put on by the company I'm working for, but didn't get paid for it.

Things I did in the past two days that were kind of awesome:
1) Met a bunch of co-workers who work remotely that I've only worked with online previously.
2) Went to the California Academy of Sciences, where I walked through an artificial rain forest, attended a planetarium show, saw live penguins, and heard the Sugar Band play.
3) Went to a breakout session by a muckety muck from Red Hat and wore my Red Hat fedora.
4) Went to a keynote address by Fake Steve Jobs (Daniel Lyons, who is a FUCKING HILARIOUS speaker).

Net positive, despite the whole not getting paid thing.