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Sun, Nov. 7th, 2010, 04:16 pm
At idle.

I am truly at idle right now for perhaps the first time this weekend. I went on a date Saturday which involved rather a lot of travel time, and when I got home I was full of manic energy and wound up doing a bunch of housework (laundry, kitchen cleaning, and so forth) till I went to bed and failed to sleep for a few hours. This morning when I woke up, I went to a friend's house to pick up the couch he's giving me, and then wandered around looking at options for TV stands and such (for when I get a TV soon, so I'll have something to point the couch AT). After that, I did some research on the TV itself, did some more laundry, relocated the futon (which is being replaced by the couch) from the living room to the bedroom (where it will live at least until I decide whether I'm keeping it or not -- anybody want a futon?), and am now just chilling until 5, when I head out for my D&D game. It's been a busy weekend. I always find, on Sunday evening, that I want one more day off so that I can get an actual day of rest after five days of work and two days of differently-busy.